The desire to help bridge the service gap is what got this entire business started in the first place. We built safer equipment than the industry expected, staffed it with far more experience than it is used to and provide a level quality and attention to detail that are unsurpassed.  Our people make us who we are.  We are detail oriented, attentive, professional and humble from beginning to end.  We go the extra mile to ensure that the service we provide is consistent and improving on every job we perform.  It's not only our job, it's our reputation.  We are happy to work with you for pull and run back, lay down services, conversion from ESP to rod pump, gas lift and chemical remediation for traditional lift types.

Our sheaves are equipped with a true, open bore mandrel secondary retention and are proof tested to 58,000# . Our equipment is designed to mitigate any entanglement hazard by putting the operator out of the line of fire and utilizes mechanical means to roll a tight and tangle free spool with less wear and tear on your capillary string.  We can also pump on the fly while pulling and pressure test your CT at surface.  We built our trailers to be 100% self sufficient.   We have compressors, banding tools and fluid pumps to meet all of the needs you may have.

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